Automated LSAC Application Status Check


Message received 2009-12-02:

The _________ abuse team has received numerous reports from,
which claim one of our shared hosting servers has been "attacking" their
site. Specifically, it seems to come down to a site/script you're hosting
at which either the script (or the users of
the script) have begun abusing to a point that the admins at LSAC
consider it an attack (and have subsequently blocked your server's IP

We will have to ask that you either take down the site entirely or limit
access so that the script does not too frequently (less than one request
withing a considerable amount of time) request data from the LSAC

Please respond to this email regarding this issue as soon as you can, if
we do not receive a response in a reasonable amount of time your site
will be shut down.

Further message received 2011-01-13:
... we did speak to our Services and Programs committee about this issue
at the March meeting.  They continue to be very much against the idea of
supporting any kind of centralized status checking system.  As I believe I
indicated previously, the Applicant Status Feature of our ACES2 service for the
schools is designed to be very flexible and provide a level of customization
for the schools.  The committee believes that this is a function that the
schools use for direct contact between the applicant and the school and
feel that "scraping" off individual pieces of information detracts from
their objective of presenting a clear picture of status from the schools
perspective to the applicants.

Though I understand this is not the answer you might have hoped to receive,
I hope you understand their position on this issue.


Sorry folks, looks like I'll have to talk with LSAC and see if we can come to some kind of arrangement.

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This application, hereinafter "Appstatus", performs queries to "Aces2", the online law school application status tool provided by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Appstatus does not store or remember any information about individuals. Appstatus deals only with application status and mailings, and not with any other information. No personal information is analyzed. All information presented here is immediately discarded after display. User names and passwords are immediately discarded after status checks are performed. Appstatus does not use Aces2 in any abnormal way; it simply mimics the normal use of Aces2 in an automated fashion, retrieves the status of an application, and displays that status.

See also the California Bar Supplementary Search and Statistics tool.

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